• Sehrezad (IRE) 2005

Holger Renz, Phillip Stable

„On the eve of some sales in England three friends came up with the idea to buy a racehorse. Two of them already did own a horse and it took no time to convince the other. As the horses were in the Lowe yard they decided to ask Andreas Lowe for advice. The catalogue had 2.000 horses and it wasn’t easy to pick the right horse with Andreas in our favourite pup “Goldene Kappes”.

So we were trying to figure out a system to narrow down the choice. Someone had the idea to choose a personal birthday date. November was no good but we agreed on the 22th of April. This did limit the choice down to 40 horses. Now it was the trainers turn to have a look at them.

But only after five horses we got a call from the trainer announcing he had found the right horse. The tensions did rise during the sales but we were successful. Without knowing we started to celebrate: It was Sehrezad – Germany’s best miler in 2010.”